Martin Luther's Influence On Society Essay

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Martin Luther changed the way many people viewed the Catholic Church and their leaders. He was not happy about how the Catholic Church was conducting their business and he set out to give people a choice. If Martin Luther would not have taken a stand against the Catholic Church, Christian’s today would still be stuck with their corrupt ways. The idea of people being able to purchase indulgences did not sit well with Luther. This is what led him to write his ninety-five theses, which was his protest to the Catholic Church for selling indulgences. Against Catholicism breaks down Luther’s reasoning for why change needs to occur within the Catholic Church. “The chief cause that I fell out with the pope was this: the pope boasted that he was the head of the Church, and condemned all that would not be under his power and authority; for he said, although Christ be the head of the Church, yet, notwithstanding, there must be a corporal head of the Church upon earth.” Luther was not content with the position the pope put him self in. He felt that the Pope should be in a position to serve the…show more content…
Permanent changes were made to the family life, culture and economy that we still see today. For the first time clergy of the church were allowed to get married. Secondly, if a marriage was not working out people were able to get a divorce. Another benefit of the Reformations was that usury’s became an accepted business practice, which helped pave the way for capitalism. The protestant work ethic was another big influence that came from these times. This basically embraced a dedication to simple and hard working followers of the Protestant beliefs. One of the central beliefs of the Protestant reformation was know as sola scriptura. This basically means that salvation and holiness can be found in the bible and that is all you need to get to heaven. Today this is a subject that is still of great

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