Post Ww1 Impact On Society

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4. What impact did World War One and World War Two have on society as a whole? How did it impact culture, music, art and how people interacted with each other? Do you agree with the often used term “Lost Generation” to describe the generation post WWI? Why or why not? (Define Lost Generation in your answer.) World War I’s impact on society saw the demise and fall of the Austria-Hungary and Russian Empires. As a result new countries were established causing communism to increase in Eastern European countries. England gained new territories as did France. In the United States, the women’s movement soon began as many me were sent off to fight the war leaving jobs open for them to fulfill. This also seen African Americans securing jobs as well…show more content…
since computers came on the seen as a basic way of making office work more efficient, peoples lives have greatly changed. The designs of the computers from when they first landed on the scene and until present have become slim and lightweight. These basic design changes has enabled everyone to carry an iPad or small notebook with them instead of the big bulky desktops. However, the internal design has not changed much as most computers still come equipped with a motherboard, disk storage, and keyboards; but the software contained inside the basic designs have vastly improved. In the late 1980’s internet connections were extremely slow with a loud noise so individuals would know when they are connected to the internet. Now days,…show more content…
Discuss the impact of the Protestant Reformation on European politics. What were the major events and people involved? Why was the Reformation so important to the history and society of Europe? What effect did it have on society? Many people were involved in the major events which impacted the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation was the schism within Western Christianity initiated by Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Henry VIII, John Calvin, Copernicus, and other Protestant Reformers. The movement began to reform the beliefs and ways of the Roman Catholic Church. During this period, many clerical offices within the papacy were sold to the highest bidder. Scandal’s within the church was soon seen as greed became widespread. The people were tired and quickly began to

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