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In Martin Luther Kings speech “I have a dream” he discusses the importance of being strong. He urges Africa Americans to protest in nonviolence to bring awareness to the injustice that has taken place. Change should always present to society. Not only in light of our history, but to change the way history is made. Martin Luther’s purpose was to make a statement, to be heard, to have a voice, and to speak for those who had been wronged by the legal system. There was a time in history when injustice was at its ultimate high. It was a time desperate for change and longing for the equal rights for all men and women. King made it his duty to speak out against social injustice and segregation. Kings has been highly influential throughout history.…show more content…
He goes on to speak about the constitution and declaration of independence saying, “this note was a promise that all men, Yes, black men to, as well as white men, would be guaranteed the “unalienable right” of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (king 239). This is important because even though it was written in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution it was not put into action, which created social injustice. Although African Americans were wronged by the legal system which caused segregation nationwide. King made it his duty to speak out against the social injustice to create a change while also demonstrating positive reactions to the social…show more content…
The justice system was built for justice for all and somehow along the way this was forgotten. However King did not forget the social injustice that occurred everyday until a change came about. He was a positive articulate spokesman who spoke on behalf of those who fell short of the promises of the “justice system”. King also states, “we can never be satisfied as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horror of police brutality…” (King 240). Police brutality often occurred while the people engaged in nonviolent protest. This is perfect example of a social injustice that is still present in todays society. To be more specific the Black Lives Matter movement has resulted in police brutality time and time again often leading up to riots because of such injustice. This form of social injustice has led the people in anger and rage. Thus leading to no good when it comes to the justice system. King goes on to say, “Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred” (King 240). Reminding us to strive for a change but without hatred and bitterness because it makes us just as bad as those who treat us

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