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Martin Luther is widely considered an influential figure in theology. He stood up to the Catholic Church in the 1500’s which was unheard of at the time. During this historical period, the Catholic Church reigned supreme in all aspects of life. They gained absolute control by teaching the congregation that their souls would be in peril if they did not follow the Church’s rules. Corruption spun out of control which led to levied tides and taxes on almost all documents. Monasteries made money from society and the Church demanded support. Furthermore, the court system implemented these intense believes through their laws. During the reign of the Catholic Church grew the great leader Martin Luther. He was raised in a small German city where his…show more content…
The pilgrimage was a spiritual journey that ended in the religious capital of the Church, Rome. When Luther completed the pilgrimage and arrived in Rome he was shocked to find an earthly institution. Rather than centered around religion, the Church focused on money and military power. The men at the top of the church were not devote Catholics, but rough business men. Luther looked upon the so-called priests with disgust. The pilgrims were only seen as a profit. In order to receive a purgatory the patrons had to pay a fee. Furthermore, Luther questioned the teachings of the church; he did not feel God loving him anymore than he had previously thought. This led to endless confession which resulting in no real…show more content…
Luther wrote The 95 Theses of Wittenberg in order to combat and explain the power and efficacy of indulgences. He believed that those were rights of all humans and the Church should not profit from its people. Luther’s writings and teaching were condemned and he was excommunicated for his ideas. Martin Luther’s radical theology included the emphasis on the theology of the cross by pointing to Christ’s suffering. He further believed in the power of scripture alone and the justification of faith alone. Additionally, the gospel was looked at as God’s gift of his son for the salvation of all people and that all of God’s people are instruments in His kingdom. Luther understood that with faith comes questioning so an important aspect of his theology was the right to question and

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