Argumentative Essay On Social Networking

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Social Networking. While social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are certainly tools for organizations that want to track our interests on the web, they also provide entertainment, information and an opportunity for us to keep track of old friends. It is easy for people to find the bad in everything that mankind has created over the years, and there are many reasons that gives most the right to believe so. This being said, I do not believe the social media sites offer an overall negative effect on society. Social media has opened the world to a new era. Communication and the will to express oneself became a priority of many. Yes, it is true expression can be good and bad depending on the reasoning of a tweet or status update,…show more content…
Being a social media user myself, I have seen countless times people talk about knowing a person and being friends with a person who they have never met in person but have only had numerous tweets back and forth on twitter. But for some odd reason, they consider this online person (who could be a 40 year old man for all they know) their friend. The fact that the majority of people consider people they communicate with through a 4 by 2 inch screen once or twice a day, their friend shows that our society’s relationships are screwed up. In a study done for online casino Yazino, it showed “that even when there is an opportunity to see people face-to-face, on weekends for example, up to 11% of adults still prefer to stay at home and communicate on their devices instead.” That doesn’t sound like a lot right now but at the rate at which social media is growing and growing on us, in the next 5 years, that number will most likely multiply to 22%. Then 5 years later it will be 44%. That is almost half of people wherever you are. That should be frightening. Being able to actually see a person and spend time with them, in the flesh, should be something that is cherished and normal. Now a days, people more enjoy the online over true reality. Even dating relationships are pursued online. According to, 40 million people have tried online dating at least

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