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Speaking is an important competency which is used to communicate with others through speech. It involves communicative performance, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc. Speaking is the process of expressing ideas, feeling or opinion to others in oral. Speaking is an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves producing, receiving and processing information, and the presence of speaker and listener [1]. Harmer states that there are three main reasons for getting the students to speak in the classroom, namely (1) speaking activities provide rehearsal opportunities – chances to practice real-life speaking in the safety of classroom, (2) speaking tasks in which students try to use any or all of the language they know, and (3) when they have opportunities to activate the various elements of language that they have stored in their brain, they will be able to use those elements fluently without very much conscious thought [2]. In order to master speaking English, there are many factors that influence the students’ competency. Gardner in Shuang states that individuals are motivated both…show more content…
According to Nguyen and Khuat in Taheri, using games provide relax and fun environment for learners. It will motivate them to voluntarily involvement in classroom task. In playing games, the learners give attention on the message not on the language [8]. They acquire language unconsciously, with their whole attention engaged by the activity [9]. Freeman in Taheri states that learners enjoy the games because games provide healthy and constructive competition. He also argued that games have real life communication features because players are required to exchange ideas which each others [8]. A good designed game can create a real communication context in the classroom which can help learners to improve their speaking ability. For teaching speaking, the most appropriate games that can be used is communication

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