Creative Problem-Solving Reflection

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A key focus of the unit 3114IBA Management Problem Solving is reflecting on learning experiences. Clydesdale (2016) defines reflection as a process of introspection, self-assessment and emotional evaluation. I have learnt that reflection is a critical part of the problem-solving process. Being able to question problems and use critical reflection techniques is a key skill for my desired profession as a human resources practitioner (Clydesdale, 2016). Furthermore, a key focus of the unit 3114IBA Management Problem Solving was experiential learning. The course allowed for me to be exposed to a variety of problems and solve them in a practical manner to simulate real business scenarios (Hermina, 2008). Using experiential learning in undergraduate…show more content…
Althuizen & Wierenga (2014) propose creative problem-solving involves defining the problem, conceptualising, optimising and using judgement. My key learning from creative problem-solving is to solve problems in groups, teams or think tanks to increase creativity. By working as a team to define the problem, conceptualise and optimise solutions stops any ‘thought-blockages’ from working individually. Removing ‘thought-blockages’ increases creativity to produce solutions to basic and complex problems (Althuizen & Wierenga, 2014). Reflecting on creative-problem solving helped me realise why I enjoy working in a team environment at the work, as it increases productivity and in the past has helped me solve problems by bouncing ideas of…show more content…
Systems thinking is thought to facilitate decision making in complex domains (Stephen & Thibodeau, 2017). Psychologists state systems thinking helps organise over-thinking and teaches people to look at the world as a bunch of systems (Haughton, 2017). Learning this engaged me instantly as I am guilty of over-thinking most situations. A key opportunity to implement systems thinking was when I worked on the McDonalds case study. I approached this case by thinking of it purely like a system or a process map. By taking the systems thinking approach I feel I was able to provide viable solutions to McDonalds issue of long queues and poor service times by designing system efficiencies. My key take-away from the McDonalds case and learning about systems thinking is to not over think and focus on inputs, feedback loops and outputs to solve

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