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THE JOURNEY AT THE PARK 1. Introduction. Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling, is an essential form of behaviour in all cultures, it is a fundamental human activity. Language acquisition is the process by which we acquire the capacity to perceive and comprehend language, as well as tom produce and use words and sentence to communicate. This essay will focus on how learners can acquire language through drama with the theme at the park. Firstly we will provide the definitions of the words “drama”, “language acquisition” role play and “park” secondly explains the context of this essay by including grade, number of learners, environment, where the school is situated and activities. Our overall aim is to prove that drama can…show more content…
Their vocabulary is limited when it comes to reading, writing hearing and speaking English. Most of the learners their language is poor as when they talk they are stuttering and this causes lack of communication with other learners. The socio economic issue that the school face is very poor. In rural schools, the government fails to provide sufficient learning material. There is also no parental support; children do homework on their own as their parents are illiterate so they have to be independent in their own…show more content…
It is of the importance that we must try to use English in everyday life, as English is a common language that can be understood by everyone. These learners we will be working with to rehearse drama they need to fully understand English. It is simple to acquire new knowledge by engaging in communication with other people as we learn through interacting with each other. This connects to improving language acquisition in drama as the learners will be learning new words while engaging in dialogues with other children during drama, they will be learning new words in a broad way when we use the theme at the park. Desiatova (2009) “Helps learners acquire language by focusing on the message they are conveying not the form of their utterance” this quotation simply shows that without language acquisition drama can be difficult. It is true that when learners do not understand the language they will have difficulties in understanding what the writer of the drama is trying to say to them, so language helps us to understand the meaning or the message that they are trying to send to us. when we use the theme at the park language can develop through ideas and thoughts like for instance when they hear the phrase “at the park” they will try to assimilate that phrase and accommodate it in their different schemes by trying to say it in their own home language and understanding, so by

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