Luke's Journey In Star Wars

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This essay is speaking about the movie “Star Wars”, and it`s main character Luke Skywalker. In the movie, Luke is living on a different planet as a farmer his aunt Beru and his uncle Owen Lars. Luke had always wanted to join the troops. Eventually he had a call from the rebels, to save the galaxy from any disaster. Luke ended up joining the troops and became a hero. Following the hero motif structure, Luke’s journey starts when his uncle and aunty are killed. He is filled with rage and follows Obi one who trains him to acquire the force. Acquiring the power was another journey in itself that needed self-discipline, perseverance and concentration. Luke will not be ready to fight unless he rids himself from the anger that dwells inside him.…show more content…
Skyawalker conducts several missions after being accepted into the troops; he visited several planets and met different people. He underwent disease, betrayal; in addition to winning friends, allies and acquiring wisdom. This myriad of experiences shaped his character and built his personality that made him become the hero we know Luke`s dreams were big and his hopes were even bigger. He never had the sense of belonging as a farmer; he constantly felt uncomfortable. He always thought that this was not his place, and he had to join the troops to defend the galaxy. But, when he is asked by Obi-One to join forces with him; surprisingly, he refuses hiding behind his obligation towards his aunt and uncle. The death of his only family members triggers something inside him that makes him change his mind to become Obi- One’s ally and accepting his faith as a savior, he saved himself without being aware of all what he would gain in the process. Luke’s mission was simple and complicated at the same time. He had to save the princess by facing dark

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