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“Mother Theresa” Introduction: What will we do in the world if there were no heroes? Without having a hero the world will be full of villains. Without having a hero we will not able to trust anyone. So a hero is the one who is most trustable to be more believable and the most reliable person. This is what I think to be in a true hero. Hero from movies fictions and super hero are totally different as they are just movies, in reality heroes are the most ordinary people and they live are the people living with ordinary life. And now here in this essay i will make it demonstrable that what a real life hero is. For this reason, i have selected Mother Theresa to be the hero and i will reflect her heroics personality. Definition of Hero:…show more content…
Further the hero has to be selflessness and has to be self sacrificed one. Moreover he or she has the quality be to humble and should be having modesty and a lot of patience. To be caring, to be more determined, to be more firm are the most important characteristics of a hero. Finally we can say that people who are the heroic leaders should possess sense of concern and an impressive amount of patience; they have to experience a lot of pain so they need more patience in their nature. (Alpion 2006). To be more decisive is another character of hero as they act whenever there is any need and the way they have dedicated their life is the way they became hero for…show more content…
Mother Teresa is also one of them. She is known as the saint and her life and her whole way of living defends this renown of saint. (Alpion 2006). Born in 1910 she went to India at 19 and joined the missionary orders of nun. The time she spent there and the journey she did till India gave her the courage and the mission to be the parson to the people who are the poorest among poor. With this vision she had started the charity. From there on she became the extraordinary hero and also definite women to serve for others. She infect did what many of us just think and just struggle to do that. She loved the mission where she was to serve the poorest and she did it with such humbleness, humanity and with full mankind and passion that she has something which today or even at that time we never have or we never think of that now. With all such characteristics we have seen that she just lived a life of peace, love and joy as she did a lot to be what she wanted. (Badaracco 2001). This is what the hero has to get what they decided and then to be in situation of calmness and peace. The way she lived and served is the example which she spread around the whole world. The way she fought against poverty that she saw and then she reaches out to overcome this poverty. “She provided those with what they needed the most”. With

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