The Goddess Who Created This Passing World Alice Notley Analysis

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Growing up as a female in a third-world country where traditional gender roles still prevail, it is always exciting to find women who push the boundaries of what females are capable of. As a young girl, I always wondered why the heroes in my comic books were always male, why the princesses in my story books were always in dire need of help, and why females were subtly connoted to be weaker. As much as I realize that this essay is not about female rights or feminist movements, I must mention the silent importance of referring to the person who created the world as a goddess. Alice Notley makes use of diction to pass across a message of empowerment, honesty and wit. “The Goddess who created this passing world” is a short poem explaining the story of creation and the reason why the narrator is created. The narrator details the haste and order with which creation occurred; the immense power of the creator and the purpose behind her creation. During the creation process, only specific things, like light and water are spoken to life and I imagine that these are the things crucial for existence. Life, color and cars are birthed only after light and water. The past, future and narrator came alive next. The creator then leaves but only after the narrator realizes the gifts of recognition,…show more content…
The narrator seems to be easygoing and the speaking voice seems to be that of a calm, knowledgeable person. The tone of this poem is informative. It almost seems as though the narrator is speaking to a layman, or to anyone who feels as though they do not understand the reason why they were created. The attitude of the speaker in this poem is one of patient enlightenment. Through the choice of words, the speaker is able to explain to the reader why the creator created her and encourages the reader to find their calling, the reason why they were

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