Tourism And Tourism In Singapore

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Introduction In this chapter the covered point will the promotion. What do we mean by promotion and what by the promotion or advertisement of a country. Which are the promotion ways that exist globally and which Singapore is using. The ways of promotion which Singapore is using have results? 6.1 What is promotion? Firstly, before we get started, tourism industry in order to make a destination well-known, is the use of marketing mix, which is the mixture of the price, the place, the product and the promotion in order to make the best package to attract a consumer (Middleton, Fyall, & Morgan, 2009). Promotion is one of the most important parts of the marketing mix in order to show the product or a service and in this case to promote tourism in…show more content…
(Wilson, Fesenmaier, Fesenmaier, & Es, 2001) A way to make a country well-known is to make tourists to stay longer than they planned to. That could be succeed by providing affordable packages, full of attractions that will catch the eye of the future tourist. A way to make this package, the best thing to do is to organize a focus group, from residents of the country which could provide the business with information and affordable prices for foreign people and also do some expos where other foreign people will provide their opinion about what are their expectation from Singapore. To continue with, the business needs to have a leader, who will be able to keep the company up-to-date, navigate the employees to the correct path and the most important to have a directly response for the local community, because to attract a foreign person to visit a country, they first need to make sure that the people who are already leaving there are satisfied with the given facilities. Last, the leader need to think in a sustainable way so more types of tourism and there is going to be a tourism…show more content…
The strategic plan, is important for planning every move that is coming in order the advertisement of tourism to be more successful, identify errors and add ideas. The countries who are planning to hospitalize tourism need to attract the attention of the travelers. By being able to identify in the strategic planning the target audience, the promotion of the country will be easier and successful by identifying the audience, as they can use techniques or places which will attract the specific group of people. Last the really most important way of advertising is technology. Technology is keep developing and that has a lot of effects to the promotion. Promotion is becoming easier and cheaper than before, but with the main disadvantage that people from the whole world have access to it and they can express their opinion. That may be result of destroying Singapore’s reputation, but also make it the best. In order for a country to succeed the best promotion way is to combine all the factors, which are mentioned before. Business, who are responsible for this achievement from this ways will be able to make the required brochures, television advertisements and for a wider place for advertising, webpages, which will be accessible worldwide in different languages. 6.3 Promotion ways used from

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