Cholly's Anger In The Bluest Eye

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Tarn Sangprasert AMCS 115.10, Spring 2015 Professor Mah y Busch 1/28/2015 First essay on the Bluest Eye Sources of Cholly’s anger During spring season of the Bluest eye, when the novel describes the history of Cholly and his family, it explains the behavior of Cholly and the origin of his emotions. Because of what he experiences in his youth, causes Cholly Breedlove to be angry and aggressive toward others people around him. Cholly’s feeling of helplessness shapes him to be a hateful and violent person. The first incident occurs when two white men caught Cholly and Darlene making out in the bush, he is embarrassed and terrified by being put in the spotlight. Although he could have ignored the white men’s instruction, he was not brave enough…show more content…
Cholly thoughts he could relate to his dad since he followed his dad’s footsteps. He is hoping that he could count on his dad since he has no one else to turn to. It turns out that his dad does not even know who he is. His dad broke Cholly’s heart completely. From this event, Cholly comes to realize that he is alone and no longer has someone to back him up. When one has no one else to turn to, he usually thinks of what he used to have. In this case, it makes Cholly miss and feel sorrow for his Aunt Jimmy. Cholly’s anger toward his dad is permanent and affects him future greatly. It is an honest feeling that comes from his heart since he is able to put the stories that he heard from Aunt Jimmy together and his real experience. It is important to focus on Cholly’s anger toward his dad because Cholly never blame his dad from abandoning him and his mom until he experience it himself. Seeing his dad with his own eyes, Cholly is able to conclude of how he feels about his dad. Having this kind of dad is not different from having no dad at all. Though Cholly is angry with his dad, he never hurt or expresses his anger toward his dad directly like what he did to Darlene. It is because he has less power than his dad due to how the society back then was structured. Men are superior to women; however, white is more superior than black. Though Cholly and his dad are both men, he is younger than is father and he is

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