Analysis Of America Skips School By Benjamin Barber

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Education empowers and educates generation after generations. What is the result of educational standards not being met? In his essay, “America Skips School,” Benjamin R. Barber explains his views on America’s education crisis. In his essay, he talks about the absence of actions the government and society take regarding education. He expresses his views on the rise of illiteracy in America. The rising complacency in formal education leads(contributes) to an education crisis. The lack of resources for schools constricts learning. Poverty stricken school districts in America receive inadequate funding. In his essay, Barber expands on the idea of poverty in school districts and the result from it. Barber states, “The richest school districts…spend twice as much per student as poorer ones do…gangs in the schoolyard, drugs in the classroom, children doing babies instead of homework, playground firefights featuring Uzis and Glocks” (Barber, 2014, pp.209-210). Poverty stricken school districts face disadvantages dealing with funding. Schools dealing with funding issues cut art and music departments in their school to balance out the funding shortages. The result of these shortages restricts the…show more content…
The declining literacy rates promote the crisis in education. This crisis will affect the whole country if not brought forth to attention and dealt with. The absence of action will result in schools, students, faculty members, and education to suffer the consequences. It will not only affect the generations now, but also the generations to come. The inadequate funding for schools is deteriorating the school systems. The absence of effort put forth by America’s expands the education crisis. Lastly, the neglect of teaching the youth genuine moral values distorts the perception of the youth. America’s school system is going to crumble if America does not find a

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