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The two sports that I have done over the past four years are cross-country and swimming. But I like cross-country the best because I have been running ever since I was little. I have been doing the Grandview Gallop every summer and it starts and it ends at Murphy Park. I started cross-country at Roosevelt Middle School and I started swimming at the YMCA. I ran for the Roosevelt Raptors in 2012 and I have gotten a lot of good times. I started swimming for the Dubuque Dolphins when I was little, and I ran and swam in a lot of different cities. Cross-country and swimming are similar in many ways because they are both sports where you want to get fast times. Both sports make us practice being faster. Cross-country and swimming both have home and away meets every season. Awards are given out after every race to who had the fastest time in both cross-country and swimming. At the end of the season, there is a banquet in both sports where awards of improvement are given out. I enjoy these sports because they make me feel healthy. They help me exercise in a special kind of way, like gaining muscles, feeling good about myself and achieving goals. I also like practicing sports so that I eat and sleep healthy. Why I chose these sports were that I felt they were safer and I would not…show more content…
I think doing sports with others is better than doing by yourself. If everyone runs and swims fast, we would all get great times and find out what award each person receives. For many years, all cross-country runners do a 5k around the Finley Hospital on the day of the Grandview Gallop and some people like my brother Andrew go to the end of Grandview. My family does not get awards every year because the runners that ran a good time do get awards. During every swim season at Senior, the swimmers do the Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving. I like it that sports help me be around other people and stay

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