Case Study Of Johnson And Johnson's Tylenol Capsules

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A corporate crisis can happen at any point in time, however, not all crisis can be preventable as was the well-known Tylenol brand. In September 1982 a household brand consumers trust, Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol capsules captured the attention of the American public as the product was tampered and laced with poisoning. These kinds of crises undoubtedly show the importance of organizations having a crisis communication team in place to handle the barrage of media, and to communicate with all stakeholders and publics affected. Furthermore, there were key facts in the Tylenol case that included the brand sold on store shelves to which opened risks of possible product tampering, which did happen. Subsequently, the crisis needed immediate attention…show more content…
It was the utmost importance in the Johnson and Johnson case to seek positive outcome and retain creditability and restore assurance the popular brand would be free from open risks and/or damage. Jim Burke's character exemplified true leadership and exhibited to the public the organizations trust while being responsible, open and honest in all communications including established relationships both internally and externally. Through crisis communications team, it is proper planning and decision making amongst leadership as to how a crisis will be handled, which includes being prepared for such unpreventable events. Of course, any communication team that is established during a crisis (if not done prior) need be transparent, honest and free from duplicity as such undermines leading to lack of trust. It is the responsibility of all organizations to report a crisis in a timely fashion with a take action approach from leadership, unlike the Exxon Valdez case placing blame, not expressing concern or compassion for stakeholders. Organizations are said to restore its legitimacy through communicating, as all elements of an organization affect a crisis no matter the significance as this describes the butterfly…show more content…
As we learned from chapter 3 (p. 70) communication theory relates to crisis communication, as in Tylenol case the nugget was identified, and the organization took corrective steps for a successful outcome resolution. Johnson and Johnson took full responsibility and informed stakeholders throughout the crisis that corrective actions were being developed with an ending resolution of a new tamper-proof packaging for the safety of all consumers. In the end, J & J handled the Tylenol crisis differently than Exxon Valdez case with utmost priority for consumer safety, understanding and a message of empathy. Because Jim Burke's leadership was one of transparency and honesty, the system of shared values and behavior were aligned within the organization, and ultimately won back the loyalty, respect and even compensated consumers with coupons, whereas Exxon Valdez case did not accomplish corrective action from the highly publicized

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