Whales Should Be In Captivity Essay

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I do not think whales should be in captivity because whales are way too big to be in takes at seaworld the whales can’t even move around in the tank, imagine you are living in the entire ocean and then you just get pulled out and get put in a tank where you can’t even move. I think that they just want a bigger crowd because it means they would get more money. Whales should not be in captivity because the tanks are way to small, Trainers don't not feed the whale enough, and people don’t have the best interest in the whales. Are we saving or taking the whales from their home. I think the people are taking the whales because you are not saving an animal when you are just taking them out of the ocean, it is the whales home. Orca whales are very…show more content…
When the people who took the whales give the whales food they do not give them a lot. Whales are big animals and they are only serving small portions to them. I think whales liked it better in the ocean because they could just have as much food as they want but now that they are in tanks and used as money making tools they don't really care about the animals they just want money off of them, just like the small servings if they cared they would give the whales more food. According to Ingrid Betancourt, “In captivity one loses every way of acting over a small detail.” I don't even think that the people care about the whales I mean you pull the animals right out of the ocean which is their home and rip them apart from their own family if that happened to me I would be pretty made. Whales in captivity have killed many people so I don’t even think it is safe to put them in captivity, they did not kill anyone in the ocean but now they are because they are in captivity. Whales are so friendly to us they have never done anything to hurt us but, we are hurting them, just

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