Persuasive Essay On Animal Rights

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The idea of giving animals rights has been debatable for a while now. But where exactly do we draw the line? Should only certain animals gain these rights, such as domesticated animals? Or should they range to animals stuck in zoos, and animals slaughtered in farms. All animals should be given a certain amount of rights, that is obvious, but some animals are, and should get more rights than others in my opinion. To start off, when most people think about where their meat comes from, they usually picture farms with big open spaces and large fields. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Animals like cows, pigs, and chickens, are crowded into tight spaces and treated inhumanly. Chickens forced to live out their lives in dark cages, cows walking around in their own waste until they’re sent to slaughter. Even worse is the treatment of these animals suffer when being sent to the slaughterhouse. “Why should we treat these animals humanely if they’re going to be slaughtered?” This has become a common question in the food industry. These animals deserve as much of humane life as any other, the fact that they’re destined for slaughter does not mean animal cruelty laws should not apply to them.…show more content…
But should we continue to use them in test? This has been a question asked by many people in the past few years. Primates are our closest relatives as humans and some believe we should stop using them in experimentation. This in reality would affect the speed and production to how we make medicine and how we test it. But of course there may be a way around it. Scientist aren’t going to stop using primates as test subjects any time soon, but what could help them are certain rights given to them to help protect them. For example, they should not be injected with anything until scientist are positive to a certain outcome. This wouldn’t fix the problem altogether but we be a small fix for the time
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