Ancient Traditions In Ferox

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Ferox is a peaceful nation that contains numerous ancient traditions, important beliefs, plentiful amounts of culture, and common practices done around the island. The traditions can be stretched back all the way to the beginning of Ferox. Beliefs in Ferox are always the citizen’s own choice. Beautiful culture surrounds the citizens of Ferox. Indefinitely, with every society, there must be several social norms for Ferocians to follow. One tradition done around Ferox is the FATE (Ferox Assessment/Test Examination). Every school year, students are required to complete this exam. It tests the strengths, weaknesses, and skills each student possesses. Despite the fact it contains questions about each sector, this examination does not determine,…show more content…
The island of Ferox is known for their excellent drawing abilities. In school, art class is a required course. The types of drawing Ferocians create can extend from vibrant paintings bursting with color to just using a pencil to shade a piece of paper with different shades of grey. Art supplies are sold at cheap prices in retail, to make the beauty of arts in Ferox expand rapidly. Beliefs in Ferox are completely choice-based. Citizens are completely at freedom when making choices such as religion and sexuality. Both genders in Ferox are considered equal. Jobs in the sanctums of laboratories, business, and medical centers are almost exactly fifty percent men and fifty percent women. There is not only one religion in Ferox; in fact, many different types of compelling religions can be discovered throughout the island.. Being vegetarian is also a choice; if the religion allows it, then meat can be eaten. Athletics are a common practice done around Ferox. The entirety of the population of Ferox is extremely fit. All the sports fields and arenas are contained within the recreational sanctum of Ferox. Ferocians are required to complete a minimum of five hours of fitness per week, as long as they are fit to achieve this amount. This excludes women that are pregnant, infants, young children, sick citizens, as well as any person carrying injuries or disabilities. This rule is to keep the entire island of Ferox in reasonable health and

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