Killer Whales Captivity Research Paper

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Killer whales should not be taken from their homes in the wild. They should not be captured just to amuse people. They are not meant to entertain humans. They are meant to be with their pods and be free. Life for killer whales is way different in the wild than life in captivity. In the wild orcas tend to stay within their pods and travel up to 100 miles a day. Killer whales are like children. Think about if you had a child and someone came and took him/her away… how would you feel? You would be absolutely devastated, you would be beside yourself. That’s how Killer Whales feel. “The helpless mothers could do nothing but watch their children be taken away. They would never see them again” (“The Heartbreaking Real-Life Capture of Orcas”). This is heart breaking. I just can’t even believe that people would ever think about taking them away. According to SeaWorld of hurt, “Orcas are highly social animals who live in stable social groups ranging from two to 15 individuals” (“8 Reasons Orcas Don’t Belong at SeaWorld”). In SeaWorld orcas are forced to live with other whales from different pods. Over 300 whales were caught, 55 were transferred to aquariums and 13 died during the capture.…show more content…
The males tend to die a little sooner but they live around 80 years. In SeaWorld the orcas don’t live to half of that. The male orcas also have collapsed dorsal fins and that is a result of them not having enough room to swim around. In the wild it rarely ever happens to them. “Only 1 to 5 percent of male orcas in some populations have fully collapsed dorsal fins” (“10 Things you didn’t know about SeaWorld”). It is a sign of an unhealthy orca. They are also forced to breed on a daily basis. The trainers collect their sperm and the females are forced to have babies at such a young age. SeaWorld’s tanks are around the size of a bathtub to the whales and

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