The Importance And Challenges Of Space Exploration

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The intensity and the idea of outer space have always gained a profound attraction from mankind as it stirs our deepest instincts. When in 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik I the world was introduced to the Space Age. Subsequently the world was thrown open to a vast range of space applications, ideas such as remote sensing, direct broadcasting, telecommunications and satellite navigation forever changed the way the world would live. The space era brought with it the excitement and challenges of space exploration and the inspiring stories about people and technology that have made it possible. With the entry of the space flight Sputnik followed by flights to the moon and the use of the International Space Station, outer space has taken…show more content…
As early as 1959 the United Nations [UN] created the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space [COPUOS]. Under which auspices various space treaties were negotiated and the foundation of the legal regime for outer space was laid down. The idea of International Space Law is still in its adolescence. As the exploration of outer space continues, the reliance on the use of outer space will grow immensely. Space law will have to mature to address the emerging needs and challenges that will accompany…show more content…
We are in the new golden era of space exploration and exploitation. With new opportunities and an increased use of outer space come new challenges. The danger posed by space debris and the military usage are only some of the issues that space policy makers around the globe have to worry as of now. But with the rapid growth of space technology the legal regime has to keep up, to safeguard the peaceful use of outer space. 1.1 The Peaceful Use of Outer Space The freedom of outer space does not in any way guarantee an absolute freedom, Nation-States can use their free rights only in a manner not affecting and not encroaching upon the freedom and lawful rights of other States and their activities in outer space. The Space Treaty has in a way succeeded in setting certain limits with regard to freedom of space and its exploration and free use. These limitations are also governed by the principles of space law which is considered as the concept of ‘peaceful use of outer space’. a. Definition of “Peaceful

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