Welfare State In Canada

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What is the welfare state? The welfare state is a large program that helps Canadians in many different ways, which is also known as “The Safety Net”. The program consists of the “3 pillers”, which include income security, education, and health care. Canada’s welfare state plays a large role in Canadians lifestyle. The welfare state supports everyone in Canada, and has many good merits. The welfare program was first introduced to Canada in 1938 before the Second World War. After Canadians faced World War 1 and the Great Depression the unemployment rate was at an all-time high of 20%. People did not have a form of welfare, which led provincial and federal governments to help the citizens by providing relief programs and social assistance. The…show more content…
Large surgeries are covered by the welfare state(change to another word) in Canada, but not in America. Americans still are in debt due to massive medical bills that are placed on them. Americans now have so much debt, it becomes very overwhelming and hard to handle. In addition, in 2013“about 56 million adults-more than 20 percent of the population between the ages of 19 and 64-will still struggle with health-care-related bills this year, according to NerdWallet Health.” Thanks to the economic support provided by the Canadians Government, Canadians do not face this difficult challenge when they are ill. If the Canadian government takes away the support, the people of Canada will have many problems which has been shown in America such as large amounts of debt and possibly…show more content…
The welfare state helps people who are having financial difficulty, which is shown in Figure B and C. In 2010-2011 the government spent $4.8 billion on worker compensation which allowed people who had workplace injuries to support themselves. With this program people, would be in more and more debt as time passes because they do not have any income. Without this program people will be able to recover, while not having to worry about going back into work with large amounts of debt. Tax payer dollars that are going into worker’s compensation helping people who are unable to help themselves due to injuries. By having this program it allows the worker to recover and return to the workforce. By doing so the worker now has money and is able to buy goods or services, which will help build up the economy. In addition, the money that was used to help the worker is now being paid back to the government and more in direct and indirect taxes. But without the program there would may much more people who have financial difficult and/ or become homeless people. Figure D states that Canada has 30,000 people who are homeless every night in 2013 , while in Figure E shows that in the United States there was 610,042 homeless every night. Therefore the United States has more homeless due to the lack of support from the government. In Canada, the welfare state is known as the Welfare “Nanny” State because it

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