Chinese Immigrants In Canada

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Immigration is a worldwide phenomenon, like Canada is a nation of immigrants, Most of Canadians were born in Canada, and the majority of them are from European descent. Today, many immigrants come from various countries such as England, China, Japan and India and speak different languages. As more and more permanent residents, immigrants become the consumers of Canada public services, such as education, welfare, health care and so on, they also contribute to those services through their taxes. On the other hand, a diverse population can make the community more attractive to talented people and investors. Cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver have attracted people from around the world, the collision of their different skills, backgrounds and experiences would be able to generate unique ideas and solutions to problems, it can also promote economic development.…show more content…
In Canada there are several kinds of immigrants: economic immigrants, family class and refugees. “At present, Canada has 33 ethnic groups with at least one hundred thousand members each, most numerous among these are South Asian (4.0% of the population), Chinese (3.9%), Black descent (2.5%), and Filipino (1.3%).”--Statistics Canada As we can see, the Chinese Canadian constitute is the second- largest ethnic group in Canada after South Asian Canadians. The Chinese community in Canada is one of the largest overseas Chinese communities and is the second largest Overseas Chinese community in North America after the United States. In 1788, the first Chinese immigration to Canada began with the first visit by Chinese people to North America, about 120 Chinese contract workers from Guangdong Province (Guangzhou) and Macao arrived at Nootka Sound, Vancouver
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