Birth Tourism And Interpretation Of The 14th Amendment

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Birth Tourism and Interpretation of the 14th Amendment Birth tourism is when a foreign citizen comes into another country with a temporary visa but has a child in the United States therefore that child would be a citizen. With the large amount of illegal immigration into the United States many have become upset with foreign citizens taking advantage of the 14th amendment which states that "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. “(Will p.2). The places experiencing the most birth tourism are popular tourist states such as California and Hawaii. Canada and the United States of America are the only two developed countries that allow birthright citizenship. The other countries that are also popular…show more content…
Argentina is the most desirable because it couples good medical care with cheap cost. The effect on the countries of the countries that are the victim of birth tourism is that although they may pay taxes if they decide to retain American citizenship their parents wouldn’t therefore while the child was in school he or she would be gaining all the resources while their parents didn’t contribute to the funding of those resources unlike children of American citizens (Sheehan p.4). Most candidates for birth tourism are somewhat wealthy yet they use programs for mothers who require financial support to improve the chances of a healthy birth and hospitals that are the cheapest, which is yet another example of the foreign citizen leaching of the resources in the United States. I believe that there should be an immediate halt to birth tourism because of the stress it puts on the American programs relate to social welfare which are already struggling to support current American citizens. I believe that those taking part in birth tourism should have to go through the proper canals to obtain citizenship

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