The Ever-Changing Political Culture Of Canada

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Adam Hossenmamode 999962394 Ever-changing Political Culture POL214 June 18, 2015 Political Culture A political culture embodies the characteristic values, beliefs, and behaviors of members within a particular society. These differing attitudes toward politics define what is considered by the majority of that society to be normal and appropriate with respect to politics and government actions. The differences between one country and another's political culture answers the question of what is the normal or appropriate way of government or political action. The level of importance that one society places on issues says a lot about that society's political culture. For example; in a peaceful, well developed and democratic society…show more content…
At the time of Canada's foundation, the losers of the American Revolutionary War, referred to as Loyalists, migrated to Canada in an effort to rebel against pure liberalism and show their commitment and loyalty to the British Crown. It was in their political culture to be loyal subjects to the Crown, by sustaining a British Parliamentary system of government and honoring the British monarchy. Undoubtedly, compared to the 21st century, this is no longer the case. Canada has become more independent from the British, especially during the Pierre Trudeau era. It is in no way part of Canadian political culture to be influenced by the Crown, or have the need to please the British monarchy. In fact, neither the Queen nor the Governor General play a meaningful role in modern Canadian politics. These Loyalists brought with them liberal views and ideologies, albeit tinged with a hint of Toryism, a dying movement in Britain, although a very prominent and lingering movement. These tory values encouraged class differences, elitism, paternalism, and collectivism. They were more than happy to stay connected to the British Crown and believed that their alliance to the Crown did not hinge on their capabilities as Canadian citizens, but in fact made them better Canadian citizens. Toryism is essentially synonymous with Conservatism, which for years now, has been the prevailing party in Canada. One could mistakenly conclude that Canadian political culture and ideologies have not changed, as Canadians still value conservative ideologies, since the Canadian Prime Minister is a Conservative leader. This is, however deemed incorrect because although Conservatism was birthed from Tory values, these values have changed significantly over time. Tories generally advocate monarchism and are usually

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