Why Can T Girls Be More Like Boys

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The Bollywood song "Why Can't Girls Be More like Boys" is performed as an argument between a boy and a girl. In the song, Karan blames girls for always trying to change boys. Rhea, on the other hand, is criticizing the boys for never being honest in relationships. She defends girls by stating that girls actually transform boys from reckless beasts into mature men. The nature of men and women in the song is clearly portrayed as opposites of one another. A message about gender that is embedded within this text beyond the most obvious stated message is that men and women generally have very different way of thinking, priorities and perceptions. The barrier between Karan and Rhea and their relationship create the problems in gender identity. The song demonstrates how communication complexities can occur because each gender has different and…show more content…
Men believe that women are always seeking perfection in their partners. This makes men insecure about themselves and their abilities. The song also suggests that girls, in general, tend to think too much and understand too little. "She's all tangled up herself, but the only thing she worries about untangling is her hair." This line of the song explains why Karan is annoyed by how a girl is so caught up in changing a boy's life when she is all entangled up herself. A girl's life can be a complete mess inside but she would most likely be only worried about her looks, her outside beauty. The song also suggests that women like to put men up to the challenge of making the "first move" in a relationship. This can be interpreted as having a deeper meaning. Men are given the responsibility of approaching a women, where as women tend to want confidence in a man. In the song, Karan blames girls for being selfish by only thinking of changing guys because they are not filling the image of the dream guy all the girls want as their life

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