Conscription In WW1

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The Significance of Conscription In WW1 Robert Borden’s proposal of conscripting men between the ages of 20 and 45 surely aroused a conflict in the nation, but it would have been immoral and inconsiderate of individuals to refuse to help their people. It is wrong that fear prevailed altruism which urges people to be self righteous and have a desire to do good. As a citizen, Canadians should do the best of their ability to protect their country and show nationalism, even at the expense of going to war. Conscription in WW1 was necessary for Canada as it helped Canada become autonomous, prevented Canada’s efforts from being in vain, and led to the Women’s Movement. To begin with, conscription was necessary in WW1 as it helped Canada become autonomous.…show more content…
Conscripting men allowed women to work in areas that were initially reserved for men like working in munition factories. Due to the mentality of men in the 1900s, “...there was initial resistance to hiring women for what was seen as ‘men’s work’, [but] the introduction of conscription in 1916 made the need for women workers urgent” (4). It was the conscription crisis that enabled women to show their true worth and capabilities with their contributions made towards helping the nation. At the time, women were also inferior to men. As women eliminated the stereotype of being weak, they eventually gained strength to protest in the upcoming years and fight for gender equality. A report released by a committee set up by the War Cabinet in 1917 endorsed “...the principle of equal pay for equal work” (5). Women found courage to protest for their rights only after men were conscripted in WW1, realizing that they were no less than men. As a result of conscripting men, the Wartime Elections Act was also passed in 1917, acting as a reward for the hard progress women made. It was only a year after when the Federal Women's Franchise Act was passed, permitting all women citizens to vote in federal elections. Conscription made it possible for women to express themselves, allowing the Women’s movement to…show more content…
Ultimately, conscription was a success to the welfare of future generations, and Canada has continued to do its part to honour the soldiers from WW1 on Remembrance Day. Although it is not possible for Canada to bring the humans that fought in WW1 back to life, civilians should always be grateful not only to the veterans who have sacrificed their lives, but also to the people whose life is at risk including police officers, firefighters, and current soldiers that do their part to protect the country, while acknowledging that conscription was only for the

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