Health Care In Canada Essay

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Nothing is more important than a person's health, and the government makes sure everyone here can have a healthy life. In 1984, the Canada Health Act was passed to state the five principles on the healthcare system. The biggest advantage of Canadian healthcare system is that it is universal, which means every resident in Canada can access to the health services without paying direct charges . Although Canadians have to indirectly pay for the services through income taxation, it is better to receive a large medical bill and pay for it at once like in the United States. The large bills that are to be paid at once may lead to bankruptcy of a household. For example, in 2013, 1.7 million family in the United States was bankrupt because of expensive…show more content…
It is very important for children to be educated since they are the future of the world. In Canada, children are eligible to attend from kindergarten to secondary school for free. Giving opportunities to children to attend high school can help them learn basic skills for working in the society. Canada is doing a good job in educating children at the high school level since it has a high secondary-school completion rate(which is shown on the graph below). A survey shows that 88% of Canadians, who are working, have high school diploma, which shows that the children who graduate from high school can have a greater chance in finding jobs, comparing to the children without a high-school diploma. If they can find a job in the future more easily, they would be less dependent on the government. The equity of education is also achieved in Canada, showing that the government is successful in giving education to all Canadians and immigrants. Because everyone in Canada can access to fairly good quality education, Canada rank in top five among 65 countries in doing the best in reading, maths, and science in 2010. Since Canada's education system seems to create positive impact on students, it should be
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