How Did The Great Depression Affect Canada

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The great depression had a huge impact on Canada and the rest of the world in the 1930’s. At this time many workers had gotten laid off because employers could not afford to pay there them, lots of these workers had a difficult time trying to make a living for themselves and their families. Canada was struggling and the answer to fix it all was unclear, however some politicians believed they knew the solution. Canada’s Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennet believed that raising tariffs on imported goods would start up the business cycle again. William Aberhart’s idea was to pay each Canadian citizen $25 a month to put towards basic necessities. James Shaver Woodsworth thought that having unemployment insurance, free medical care, family allowances and old age pensions would stop the depression. Lastly, Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted to put a stop to child labour, he thought that having unemployment insurance and retirement pensions would help put a stop to the depression. Prime Minister Bennet, in my opinion, had offered the best solution. Raising the tariffs on imported goods would force Canadians to purchase locally manufactured goods because they don’t have any extra taxes and therefore would be cheaper. The local manufacturers would benefit from this because they…show more content…
He was part of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation; they wanted Canadians to have universal pensions, health and welfare insurance, unemployment insurance, a set minimum wage and farm security. His ideas are very beneficial to most Canadians and would help many make a much better living. Those who are unemployed would receive money and those who are injured or sick would get free medical care. This solution would help Canadians and the economy, but with the state that the country is in would not work. Canada is too poor to be able to make these kinds of changes at a time like

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