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Nowadays, poor water quality, water shortage and water-related disaster are the three main concerns related to current and future water resources (UNESCO, 2003). The concept of sustainable involves the tolerance between social, environment, economical and the needs. Hence, the concept of sustainable water system implemented for low cost alternative to develop new sources of high quality of water and mitigating environment pollution. Improvement of greywater management are needed for these implementation. 2.2 Overview of Bathroom Greywater 2.2.1 Definition Greywater is composed of variable quantities of components of wastewater which may come from the shower, bath tub, spa bath, hand basin, laundry tub, clothes washing machine, kitchen…show more content…
Wastewater may have become contaminated in three ways due to the addition of waste material: i) The water is contaminated by micro-organisms, many of which may be pathogenic, i.e. cause disease; ii) The water may be polluted chemically by dissolved salts such as sodium, nitrogen, phosphates and chloride or by organic chemicals such as oils, fats, milk, soap and detergents, which may provide food for micro-organism and plant growth; and iii) The water may be physically polluted by particles of dirt, food, lint, sand, etc. Once greywater has flowed beyond the building it may be considered as a resource capable of reuse. It can be varies of greywater characteristics production. The characteristics depending on it dynamics of the household. The factors influenced by the number of occupants, age distribution, lifestyle characteristics and water usage patterns. The bathroom (hand basin, shower and bath) generates about 38% of the household wastewater flow (55% of greywater) and is considered to be the least contaminated type of greywater. Table 2.4 and 2.5 shows the bathroom greywater concentrations in domestic premises for selected

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