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CHAPTER 3 GREEN ELEMENT AT ST DIAMOND BUILDING, PUTRAJAYA 3.1 INTRODUCTION OF ST DIAMOND BUILDING. ST Diamond Building is the art of green architecture, combined with the science of energy conservation is showcased in the 4,928 square metres Diamond Building, an iconic 8 storey office building. The Diamond Building is the Energy Commission’s social Commitment to the present and future generations of Malaysia. Taking the lead in developing and implementing solutions for environmental sustainability, the Energy Commission embarked on a bold vision to develop its headquarters in line with highest global standards in green initiatives, to showcase the best practices in environmental solutions. The vision of the Diamond Building was first sowed…show more content…
The well-being of people, industry and economy depend on safe, secure, sustainable and affordable energy. Thus, in its efforts to further enhance the performance of the energy sector in Malaysia, the Energy Commission was established on 1 May 2001, under the Energy Commission Act 2001. Fully operational in January 2002, the Energy Commission is primarily responsible for regulating the electricity and piped gas supply industries in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, delicately balancing the priorities of energy providers and the needs of consumers. The Energy Commission is committed to ensuring reliable, safe and cost effective supply of electricity and piped gas to all its consumers. It also aims to create a competitive energy market for Malaysia, encourage energy conservations and induce sustainability of Malaysia’s natural energy resources. Under its purview, the Energy Commission administers economic, technical and safety regulations and consumer protection in the generation, transmission, distribution, supply and the use of electricity and piped gas. In June 2010, the Energy Commission Diamond Building took shape to be a jewel in the crown of Putrajaya’s unique architectural landscape and opened its doors to the 177 proud employees. The Diamond Building reflects the commitment of the management and staff of the Energy Commission in adopting the best of green technology to deliver effective solutions towards environmental sustainability…show more content…
In developing this contemporary and iconic building, the design focuses on practical attributes and optimises energy efficiency. The design strategy encapsulates four key aspects: • Energy Efficiency • Water Efficiency • Environmental Protection • Indoor Environmental Quality 3.5 THE GREEN BUILDING ACREDITATION. Globally, green buildings are being recognised and accredited, leading to the introduction of various tools and indices with one common objective that is to evaluate, measure, distinguish and sets apart this uniquely designed buildings from the rest. The Diamond Building carries a Green Building Index (GBI) accreditation, a first in Malaysia. Among the achievement of the ST Diamond Building are: • The Diamond Building design strategy integrates function and resource sustainability. • The Diamond Building was named the most energy-efficient building at the Asean Energy Awards (AEA) 2012 held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and won the top prize in the category of “New and Existing Buildings”. • Green Building Index (Platinum)

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