Qantas Airlines Case Study

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Case 2: Qantas Airlines: Twitter Nosedive It may seem hard to imagine Qantas, one of Australia’s most famous airlines, as anything other than the massive international airline it is today. However, in 1919 Qantas was nothing more than two former Australian Flying Corps officers on an assignment to survey an air race route. Qantas, formerly known as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited, quickly expanded its purpose of surveying and leaving supplies for air race competition to seek profit in the entertainment and convenience aspect of flight and began to provide joy rides and air taxi trips. Operations of Qantas continued to build, adding airmail delivery to their list of services and helped to operate the Australian Aerial Medical Service. Qantas operated its first overseas passenger flight in 1934 that propelled them to invest in flying boats - eventually motivating them to establish the company’s headquarters at Rose Bay in Sydney in 1938. Qantas became a vital line of communication and was removed from private ownership during World War II when the Australian government bought all the remaining shares. With the rapid growth of Qantas without end, Qantas invested in jetliners in 1956 and began to offer customers…show more content…
Qantas clearly missed the target for the message they were trying to send after they tweeted an image of two men dressed up wearing wigs and black face posing with an Australian Rugby player with the caption “good work.” Qantas held a Twitter meant to support the Wallabies of the Australian Rugby Union for the best entry. Humor, which Smit directly speaks on as being commonly misinterpreted, was how the airline viewed the picture. It wasn't until the outraged public deemed it racist that Qantas realized they had made a

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