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WATER CRISIS IN SELANGOR ABSTRACT ABSTRACT Water is one of the central issues in the 21st century in Malaysia. Of all the issues associated with water management, governance is considered of primary importance. This paper examines water crisis in Selangor. However, there are many areas that need improvement to achieve better governance in water management. One is to improve Government controlled water departments by ensuring their workers are well-trained and committed to excellence. 1. INTRODUCTION The1998 Klang Valley water crisis occurred in Malaysia in February 1998 when the three reservoir dams in Klang Valley, Klang Gates Dam, Batu Dam and Semenyih Dam suffered a substantial drop in water level following the El Niño phenomenon. The subsequent…show more content…
This is due to a reduction in the amount of treated water that issued by the five treatment plants on the direction of the Selangor State Economic Planning. 2. OBJECTIVES • To know the resident behavior in consume a water in Selangor • To know the factor caused the water crisis • To identified how their handle the water crisis • To investigate the effect of water crisis to Malaysia 3. STUDY AREA Selangor is one state that situated at Malaysia that rich with a variety of neutral resources. With that, it becomes a successful country in the worldwide arena. 3.1 Data Collection In order to achieve the above-said objectives, the following methodology was adopted during the study; 1. The details about the water crisis in Selangor were collected from the website, book, and journal. 2. To know the water consumption pattern in households, an interview was conducted with a structured questionnaire. 3. 40 households were surveyed. 4. ANALYSIS 4.1 Problem
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