The Effects Of Water Pollution In Malaysia

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Background of Study Water is defined as one type of liquid that descends from the clouds such as rain, lakes and also sea. Water is the most important nutrient and play a fundamental roles for all living matter. For example, water supply around 50% of the weight for human and even every living matter (Rozin, Haddad, Nemeroff, & Slovic, 2015). There are around 71% of the earth’s surface was covered by water. Besides, there are eight types of distribution of waters on earth which one of it was groundwater (Perlman, 2016). Groundwater is defined as the water that is placed below the earth’s surface and makes up around 98% of the fresh water on earth (Craig, 2017). Groundwater is important in preserving the river and streams, especially during droughts, groundwater will become a valuable buffer. Many living things, including ecosystem are depend on the groundwater. Groundwater is a limited resource and this can become depleted when the eradication rates have over the replenishment rates. Therefore, groundwater can be easily polluted or contaminated.…show more content…
In Malaysia, water pollution seriously affect the normal life of people which impacts negatively on the sustainability of water resources. Malaysia often faced the flood disaster problem especially Kelantan. Flood that happened will causes the suspended solid increased and flow into the groundwater. This have become one of the reason that the groundwater at Kelantan have become turbid. In Kelantan, most of the people get their drinking water from the groundwater which is around 70% (Zawawi, Yussof, Hussain, & Nasir, 2010). This cause the groundwater become the irreplaceable for all people in

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