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As I have stated above that the childhood is one of the crucial time in everyone’s life. In this everyone learns how to grow and develops himself/herself into a good human being It is acknowledged that it is the period of childhood where a person learns, grows and develops the best. It is this stage of life which is regarded as lovable and proper care and warmth of the person should be taken. It is the child that is taken to be a ‘national asset’ for the development of the nation and its capital building. However, in developing countries like India most children can hardly realize this dream of childhood; much less exploit the promises of adulthood. The reasons for this are multi-faceted and regretful. “It is precisely because of conspicuous…show more content…
Folks from poor families empower and encourage their kids to surrender their education and take up an occupation in order to earn money and sustain their family. The money earned by a youngster, despite the fact that it is less in amount than that given to an adult for the same work, assumes an unequivocal part in sparing the family from starvation. International Labour Organization (ILO) considers poverty as the sole reason of child labour. As per the ILO, when the financial state of a family enhances, kids begin going to schools, and the issue of work is naturally unravelled. The state dependably asserts that kid work is an "unforgiving reality" coming about because of poverty as an after effect of which numerous families are compelled to send their kids to work to guarantee their own survival. Without a doubt this is mostly right, yet the primary reason is the personal stakes of the…show more content…
Numerous times, because of inaccessibility to education due to lack of accessibility or resources, kids are constrained to take up an occupation in order to sustain themselves and their families. Absence of assets, legitimate schools in provincial and ghettos zones of urban communities lead to simple misuse of kids by commercial ventures. In countries like India, the reasons of child labour are: 1. Children are regarded as a source of income in the family and to thereby sustain it. 2. Since child labour is cheap, the labour organization exploits the children in order to reduce their cost of production. 3. Various other reasons are there for engaging child labour as domestic aid. Children being innocent are generally regarded not to or are not prone to violence and quarrels like adults. In stark contrast to this, a developed economy like that of England has various welfare schemes for their citizen. It ensures that all of their citizens have health care supports, proper education, games and entertainment and complete his education. This in turn ensures that their citizens get a proper form of employment depending on their educational

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