Emotional Intelligence Reflection

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What is emotional intelligence? Most people wouldn’t be able to answer this question. Per the Leadership Education and Training Book emotional intelligence is a learned ability to identify, experience, understand and express human emotions in healthy and productive ways. Emotional intelligence can be perceived in many ways. I think that emotional intelligence is how good a human can express and comprehend emotions that another human is showing. Some people can understand emotions better than others. I believe that the better you get to know someone the easier it is to express your emotions and understand theirs. I can show my true colors to a close friend instead of an acquaintance. To better understand emotional intelligence, you must understand the five emotional skills. The first one is self-esteem emotional skill. This skill basically tells you how you fell about yourself. The…show more content…
If there is a problem I can most likely solve it by myself with the help of a good team. Over the summer I was in a STEM program for five weeks. We stayed on campus for five weeks. We were put in groups but I wasn’t the leader but I took over the group. I used good sales orientation by making them think that they were coming up with these great ideas but I was really guiding them to the answer I wanted to hear. We ended up having one of the best projects for that program. Commitment ethic emotion is the hardest out of them all. Staying committed to something for a long time no matter the outcome is hard for me. If I am doing really good at something I will stop trying and usually start doing bad. On the contrast to that if I start off doing something it makes me want to give it my all. For example in this year I started off bad in French I got a 71 my first ever C. So this semester I am striving to get an A to prove to my self and peers that I am still an A student. Trying to reach this goal will better help me stay more committed to
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