The Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment

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Many countries have banned corporal punishment due to different reasons but some are still adopting it. However, people start to question whether corporal punishment should be reintroduced to increase the deterrence effect towards any wrongdoers. According to the Collins Dictionary, corporal punishment is punishment of a physical nature. And it has divided into 3 main types such as parental or domestic corporal punishment, school corporal punishment and judicial corporal punishment. Parental or domestic corporal punishment happens within the family for example children punished by parents or their guardians. School corporal punishment is about student punished by teachers, and judicial corporal punishment is a part of a criminal sentence ordered…show more content…
Higher deterrent effect Corporal punishment has a higher deterrent effect and much more effective to raise the public awareness on crime prevention. Once the corporal punishment is used in front of the public or other offenders, it might leave a shadow in their life that they would try to avoid pain by not committing crime; this makes a higher and more effective way to prevent crime. To the offender himself, it provides the criminals with an immediate chance to change their behaviour and join the society by obeying the law; also the intense pain will fill his mind and come up with a desire to avoid pain in the future. 2. The cost of corporal punishment is much lower Corporal punishment is much cheaper and affordable than incarceration, which with little or no cost. Part of the taxpayers’ money has used as expenses for the incarceration such as food, clothing, shelter, health care, security, officers’ salary and other burdens. Moreover, incarceration removes people from the labour market while criminals can be returned after receiving the corporal punishment. This might affect the economy, especially in those high incarceration rate countries like United States; their burden of incarceration and after release (welfare or subsidy for former inmates) is much…show more content…
Corporal punishment should not be implemented in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an international city that highlights the basic rights of being a Hong Kong resident. Almost every resident are educated, primitive punishment, which is inhumane, should not be used to those who are civilized and aim to correct their deviant behavior. Also, in the view of the experience of caning in the previous years, correctional officers may misuse their power. Corporal punishment should not be reintroduced; it is not possible to fall on the same mistake twice. Based on the current aim of Hong Kong Correctional Services, they wish to “protect the public and reduce crime by providing a secure, safe, humane, decent and healthy environment for people in custody, opportunities for rehabilitation of offenders.” They also emphasize the personal dignity, fairness and consideration to the offenders, providing effective correctional services and promote the rehabilitation of the criminals. They has replaced the term ‘Discharged prisoners’ with ‘Rehabilitated persons’ to increase the and acceptance of discharged offenders, encourage the community to support them after imprisonment and give them more chances to start a new

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