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Concept The idea of inventing washing machine came from the interest in technology product that can make peoples life better. If there’s one aspect of daily life that has changed little in the last 50 years it is the washing of clothes (Mukherjee & Bureau, 2015). Clothes must be washed, then dried, then ironed, before they can be worn. Each is a separate and distinct process and the three processes consume a fair amount of time and energy. Our invention is a washing machine that washes, dries and irons your clothes. Opportunity Recognition (Market): Laundry is one of the simplest housework chores but it's also one of the worst. Sure, all you have to do is throw your dirty clothes into the washer, go about your routine and come back to throw…show more content…
A business cannot be run without a customer. In a way to keep running a business, an entrepreneur should find a solution to get a regular customer or even a new customer with a positive feedback. This is extremely importance. As a company that supplies washing machines that are different from others can be main point of attracting new customers. Basically we are targeting any age range of people, as the needs of washing machine itself that most of the people it to make things easier. This is common that peoples tend to use or buy something that benefits themselves. We are supplying washing machine from different type of functions. We have provide it base on its many function like ‘All in One’ which includes wash, dry and iron. Iron acts as the medium that can make the clothes become smooth without wrinkle and look just like after done ironing. All these functions are actually to fulfill the customer needs. Furthermore, we also provide washing machine with separate functions such as wash only, wash and dry, dry and iron and dry only. For an example, some peoples need washing machine that only have wash and dry. However, some peoples tend to use and demand a washing machine that dry and iron as they are already have a washing machine with wash function with maximum load and only need a new washing machine that provide ironing for a minimum load because some of the clothes does not need to iron (Hanlon , 2006). By…show more content…
Our main competitors include: Samsung where it has perceived as the best maker of washing machines. Through its huge kitty, it is able to advertise its products extensively. LG where It enjoys excellent distribution with products being showcased in several electronic shops in major towns. However, this machine is larger than other brand machines. It is new, slimmer machines are expected at regular intervals from this low-cost competitor as it tries to stay abreast with the competition. Despite this strong competition, we have to gain recognition among the targeted segments. The fact that synergy washing machine are manufactured in Japan, a critical point of differentiation for competitive

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