Haier International Strategy

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1.0 Introduction The old concept might be the main reasons of an enterprise or organization frustrate and even death (Charles, 2006). In 1993, IBM Company ranked first in the electronic world, the Apple computer has the world's most efficient personal computer system. In 1996, IBM has lost $20 billion. The fundamental reason is that the transformation of idea is extremely slow for the company, and the enterprises, which in the information and technological innovation industry need become more resilient to support concept system. Once an idea rooted in personal mind, it is very difficult to change or give up this idea. Therefore, an appropriate organizational change and change management is very important for an enterprise. This paper will analyze…show more content…
The international strategy means that the b products are exported to the world's major economic regional markets and have their own overseas dealer network and after-sales service network. Haier already have a certain visibility, credibility and reputation, the brand strategy of globalization means that Haier create their own brand in the local countries and make the reputation of Haier brand soared in the world. Internationalization strategy and globalization brand strategy has a lot of similarities, but they are different. The nature of international strategy is making China as a base to radiate the world, but the stage of globalization brand strategy is creating their own brand in the local country. On the other hand, Haier has established the business department according to the product category for many years and the chief of the group manage all business units. Each department has their own department of research, development, production and marketing, publicity which including washing machine department, the refrigerator department, television department, air conditioning department, computer department and so…show more content…
All of the senior leadership positions will be competed again. There are about 60% of the position changed in this time. At the same time, the layoffs is along with the organizational and management change in Haier. For example, the original departments of refrigerator, air conditioner and washing machine have their own team of research, development, design, production, sales and propaganda, when these three departments combined together, the resources of sales and promotion will inevitably be coincidence, the overlap part of the staff will be

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