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Submitted by: Gaurav Khurana Roll No. 2902 Fiji Water Case Fiji water case is about creating and maintaining competitive advantage. It’s about building “Fiji Water” as a brand, practices followed to build it, problems faced by the brand and its sustainability. So to analyze this case I would be dividing it into three parts: Part A. Fiji’s brand building process by applying concepts. Fiji water’s brand image in consumers mind is categorized as ‘premium bottled water’. This image has been created with several brand building practices that Fiji has been following over several years since its inception. Since the day one Fiji has made its image very clear which is ‘affordable luxury having many health benefits’ which differentiates Fiji over its…show more content…
Trust fund delivers health, hygiene, sanitation and educational services to Fijian villages. The company employed 400 workers in Fiji. Marketing: Magazines writing about its quality. Examples of competitive marketing - Getting celebrity chefs talk about it, use it, building relationship with resort owners, spas to serve Fiji water. Celebrity endorsements, visibility on various media channels or getting associated with big events like golf tournaments. Green Marketing: As part of their branding strategies Fiji water initiated cause marketing with their carbon negative campaign to enhanced environment friendly image. Part B: Problems faced by Fiji Problem1. Fiji was facing lawsuit for misleading consumers & taking advantage of their environment friendly image. This issue occurred because of poor implementation of “Green Marketing.” Where their focus should have been on compensating current carbon emission they were focusing on future offsets, which is insignificant today. Problem2. Secondly tax issue with Fijian…show more content…
I feel it’s a case of not being able to deliver tangible benefits of Green Marketing. Fiji water tried leveraging their environment friendly brand name with Carbon negative campaign but they failed to make a connection between what the company was doing for environment and how it affected individual consumers. Justification to this is that Fiji water was not doing environment friendly activities just to augment their natural & healthy image; instead they were following these practices because their sustainability was also dependent on the purity & availability of unadulterated aquifer. This framed the foundation of “Every Drop Is Green” campaign. On the other hand they were following all ISO 14001 practices in their bottling plant such as: Reduction in waste, Tree plantation etc. They even made sure they are drawing water at sustainable rate for the aquifer’s environment. My recommendations are: Fiji Water Company has played an important role in building a foundation of Fijian government. They have strong association with them so they need to take advantage of this healthy relation they have had Fijian government so

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