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Assessment by – Saifulla A .S TURBO DRY WASHER BUSINESS PLAN INTRODUCTION Turbo dry washer is the advanced future machine which is helpful for the upcoming world which will promise to save the environment which the humanity is expected to waste. This machine is innovative in usage, consumes fewer materials and does the same cost of maintenance, which the consumer wants. (Patric Moriarty,Damon Honnery 2011). I Saifulla A S. Honestly speaking as a new entrepreneur I believe in taking up risk and changing the world by manufacturing new possibilities and sorting out consumer wants and needs .I believe only in success, business and more in saving the environment. Location Kolar (Narsapura…show more content…
It consumes high amount of resources like water, electricity, detergents etc. There are traditional washers and dryers and air washers. At last left is the dry cleaners the dry cleaners use the machine which consumes a large amount of electricity as there are the weak competitors in the list. Though it has some new technology its competitors might increase in future as there are many multinational companies like Samsung electronics, LG electronics etc … Market segmentation As per the market it targets on Indian market basically on hotels, laundries etc. It also has a focus on households likely to common people because it saves energy and water due to high cost of maintenance from this machine they might save some amount of money per-an-um. Turbo dry washer mainly impacts on saving money, energy and water and most important mission to target hotels and laundries because it might require more space n has more cleaning capacity so these places r main marketers segment.…show more content…
The pricing of the polymer beads will be at 10% of the pricing based on the unit of turbo dry washer based on industry it will be calculated as margin per load. It will be sold in 20 benchmarks best price by calculating its time and cost of its conventional price as per the value creation. Distribution and Promotion The distribution of the turbo dry washer will be wide as it is market oriented it will be having partnerships with decision drivers, distribution, production and branding promotion based on the company will have distribution center, stockiest, wholesaler, semi wholesaler and consumers. A good channel who manages to distribute this equipment among by applying different types of marketing strategies and finding the solutions upon the rural consumers and to help to struggle in the market by studying the market.(David Frederick Ross. 2010). For promoting and launching this machine we might take the help of Advertising media, Sales Promotion, Public relations, Personal selling and by giving Direct response to the

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