Case Study: Prakash Electric Company Pvt. Ltd.

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Prakash Electric Company got converted into Pvt. Ltd. Company on 26th August 1997. The name of the thus was Prakash Electric Company (udupi) Pvt. Ltd. On 21st, April, 1999; the company got its name changed under the registrar of companies. The new name of the company was changed from Prakash Electric Company Pvt. Ltd., with effect from 24.09.2008. This company limited by shares has registered office in Ambalpady, near Udupi. ‘HARSHA’ the Retail outlet of Prakash Electric Company In 1980’s there was a huge demand for television in Udupi, among the middle and upper class sections of the society. The need for television increased the demand for related items like boosters, aerial etc… Aling with this demand, the demand for other consumer durables…show more content…
In the year 2001, another showroom was opened in Station Road LaxmiBalakrishna squares, Hubli. This showroom occupies the area of 5000 sq. feet. Anew showroom was opened in Puttur on 12th July, 2003; it occupies the area of 4000 sq. feet. The meaning of ‘Harsha’ is happiness. In reality to its name, the showroom has tried to make its customer happy. This showroom has a high appreciation and has earned a high reputation as a trust worthy retail showroom in all the places of its operation. It is one of the leading showrooms in Udupi, dealing in customers durable goods. The customers are satisfied by the service of’ Harsha’ which always provides the best services to its customers. For over a decade ‘Harsha’ has consistently strived to develop this strong bond with its customer. ‘Harsha’ started its slogan with ‘’Harsha’ ……House wives dream shop’’. This slogan was selected because ‘Harsha’ provides all most all products, which were the dream of a housewife. It deals with those products, which made her life smoother and happier. During the event of 10th anniversary ‘Harsha’ changed its slogan…show more content…
What you don’t get elsewhere” What You Don’t Get Elsewhere The log ‘Harsha’ has a meaning in it. The first alphabet is shaded with the color blue, which represents the wide large of products dealt. The yellow arrow pointing upwards the name ‘Harsha’ represents the firm’s growth and also means that all varieties of consumer durable products are available under a single roof. It also indicates prosperity and overall growth of the showroom in the coming years. The main aim is to differentiate Harsha from others. The main reason for this change was Harsha had extended its business. Earlier it dealt only in household appliances. But gradually it began dealing on variety of products. Before it helped in making the life of a homemaker better, but now with a huge range of its products and services it is trying to satisfy the needs of various people from various backgrounds. Prakash Engineering Company: It was started in the year 1990 for distributing the products like Switches, bulb holders, plugs etc…, produced by Prakash Bakelite and Plastics. Prakash Engineering Company was selling those products to various dealers. Moreover it also started selling those products directly to ultimate

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