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Disney has made their fortune by adapting classic fairy tales into more acceptable and comforting versions for today’s society. “Original Fairy tales often used gruesome or frightful tactics to scare children into believing the moral message being taught by the story. Disney has replaced these strategies with more appealing stories for today’s culture thus adding a happier tone to the fairy tales.”(Abler, Alice.) This alteration has lead Disney to become the producer of many top selling fairy tale movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. By changing the original storylines to more child friendly themes Disney has turned the classic versions of these fairy tales into wholesome family…show more content…
The original version of this fairy tale is altered a great deal by Disney. In the Giambattista Basile story (Basile, Giambattista) Talia’s father is told by wise men and astrologers she is in great danger by a splinter of wood. Once Talia is grown she sees a woman carrying a sewing spindle, being the first sewing spindle Talia has ever seen she is overwhelmed with curiosity and touches the needle. Talia then falls down dead thus fulfilling the prophecy. In this version of the fairy tale a King is passing through Talia’s kingdom when he happens across her body. The King attempts to wake Talia but is unsuccessful. “The King, overcome by Talia’s beauty, carries her off to bed to make love to her anyway, and consequently impregnates her.”(Redies, Sunje) Talia awakens nine months later after giving birth to twins by one of the babies sucking the splinter of the sewing spindle out of her finger. The king later goes back to find Talia awake with their children. After spending a few days with Talia and their children, the King returns to his kingdom and current wife. The king’s wife finds out about Talia and the children, Sun and Moon, and she sends a fake note from the King to Talia to send the children to the kingdom. Upon receiving the children at the palace the queen asked for them to be cooked and served to the king. The cook could not bring himself to…show more content…
The evil fairy, Maleficent, becomes vengeful and curses the princess, Aurora, to prick her finger on a sewing spindle on her sixteenth birthday which will cause the princess to die. Another fairy at the celebration alters the curse to instead put the princess in a deep sleep which can be broken by true loves kiss. The King and Queen, being afraid that Maleficent would find Aurora, send her to live with three good fairies. The evil fairy spends the next sixteen years trying to locate her to ensure the curse is successful. In the meantime, Aurora does not know she is a princess and she happens to meet her true love; who is a prince. On her sixteenth birthday she is supposed to meet the prince in the evening but gets told her real identity by the fairies and she is brought back to the palace. Once at the palace she hears a voice in her head which leads her to the doomed sewing spindle. Aurora pricks her finger and goes to sleep to wait for true loves kiss. Her true love goes to meet her in the woods as discussed but instead is captured by Maleficent who locks him inside her castle to keep him from saving Aurora. The good fairies come to his rescue and he escapes. While he is on the run back to Aurora, Maleficent comes after him to take him back

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