Walt Disney Influence On Pop Culture

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In 1955 the Disneyland Resort opened on top an old citrus grove of about 160 acres in a then rural Anaheim, California and the Walt Disney World Resort, which opened in Orlando, Florida, in 1971, was built on top Central Florida’s swap lands of about 30,000+ acres impacting both cities and coincidentally both counties of the same name dramatically. The Disney Parks and Resorts are undeniably American “Pop Culture”, stretching out of silent films, cartoons, products and music. Yet they inspire millions across seas in both the Asian and Western European worlds, it’s a no brainer to expand the experience in cities like Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai. This research on One Man’s Dream shaping the American Culture that developing countries aspire to imitate is inspired according to each resort's audience and their attraction towards it.…show more content…
While the first two points are addressed in publishes exposing the life and spirit of Walter Elias Disney (Thomas, Bob) and those who lives were forever changed and inspired to add-on his talent (Gabler, Neal), the last focuses indirectly in several articles I’ve followed since a kid and directly, considering I’m a cast-member of the Parks and Resorts and financial stakeholder whom is always discussing the revenue of the Disney Company and its contributions to the “American Pop Culture” that foreign markets and fanatics imitates – routinely with friends and family. Since my paper will focus on how one man’s dream shaped an entire culture that could be transliterated into a universal language, my thesis and target will examine that very

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