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Can you imagine being a child being stuck indoors, watching other kids running up and down the street, smiling and laughing and you’re just sitting inside with no toys or games. Just a blank, boring wall to stare at? If you’re caught with something you consider “fun” it was confiscated and you were whipped for just wanting something to make you happy. That was pretty much Walt Disney’s childhood. He needed to make up his lost childhood, something he always dreamed of. He moved on with his life and made his lost time a sensational career. He even quoted,”All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney. He showed us that this is a rather true statement. Walt Disney will forever be remembered for the creation…show more content…
He was set as a worldwide known figure and begins a new era in time. In the International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers, they wrote, “Steamboat Willie—starring the most famous of cartoon mice, Mickey—has the distinction of being the very first sound cartoon. While that feat may not seem so remarkable in the context of modern sound technology, by 1928 standards it was a bold and potentially disastrous step on the part of Walt Disney. Not only was early equipment difficult and cumbersome to use, but Disney had to decide what cartoons should sound like” (Pendergast, Paragraph 1).This step that Disney took could’ve ended terribly. Say for example, Disney’s idea wasn’t accepted by viewers. He would have to start over from square 1. Before Disney, no one knew what knew what cartoons would sound like. People only knew what they looked like. Mickey Mouse has came a rather long way, 87 years old. He still holds a great amount of relevance after all this…show more content…
For this makes him rather rememorable to many generations.Disney extended his business with opening his parks. It offered rides, entertainments and freedom and much enjoyment for everyone.In the Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America of 2004, Gary Cross explains,“Walt Disney World, opened in 1971 near Orlando, Florida, was a dramatic extension of the amusement and fantasy theme park of Disneyland, built by animator and moviemaker Walt Disney in Anaheim, California, in 1955. Both parks were radical breaks from the tradition of the early-twentieth-century amusement parks at Coney Island and elsewhere in America. Situated in rural and suburban locations, both Disney sites relied on links to highways and private automobile access instead of streetcars and subways to attract crowds. Further, both Disney parks created entirely artificial fantasy environments, completely independent of natural attractions (like the seashore or forest). Finally, both Disneyland and Walt Disney World promised an experience free from the dirt and danger of the carnival world of freaks, barkers, and thrill rides common in the traditional amusement park” (Cross, Paragraph 1).These unique parks were perfect for families to feel comfortable and not worry about the traditional carnival freaks that can do unusual tricks. It gave safety to its visitors and made it feel like home. Spirit and vibrancy was granted to want

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