Legend Marie Lu Character Analysis

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When thinking about life’s journeys, are positive effects the first to come to mind? Can negative effects actually have a greater impact? June, from the novel, Legend, by Marie Lu, finds her entire world turned upside down when she discovers that what she thought was fact, was not. June volunteers for a mission that changes the course of her life and awakens her to the realization that one journey can alter the path of one’s life forever. The path of June’s life was set the day she was born. Born into the Republic, raised by her brother, a revered soldier, her entire life’s mission was to pass her Trials in order to serve the Republic. However, when her brother dies and the murderer needs to be brought to justice, June volunteers for the one mission that will change her perspective on her whole upbringing. It is this mission that changes June’s life journey in three profound ways. Once her mission is complete, June is wiser, far less trusting, and better prepared for her future. June awakens to the notion that she is not nearly as wise as she was told…show more content…
Finding that the Government has lied multiple times, she is left with only one option. June needs to talk to Day. Since June fruitfully captured Day and he is no longer a threat to anyone, she decides to ask him more about his trial. After being aware of the lies she has been told, she prepares herself for the worst. While talking to Day, June is enlightened with yet another awful lie the Government has brainwashed the people to believe. Day says, “They injected something into one of my eyes...they also cut up my knee...and they force fed me some kind of medicine” (201). June is aghast with the new knowledge. She thought that the people who failed their trials were sent to army camps for additional training, but Day is living proof that is not true. After all the lies that June has been told by the Republic, she prepares herself for more lies that could possibly

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