The Importance Of The Fourth Amendment

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The Constitution the fourth amendment is enforced to protect the personal privacy, and every US citizen's right to be free from absurd government interference into their persons, houses, personal businesses, and own property. It even applies to police stops of citizens on the street, arrest, and searches of any privately owned establishments. Lawmakers and the courts have used their power to enforce these legal safeguards to ensure that the police officers won't interfere with man or woman's constitutional rights. The fourth amendment only applies to certain circumstances, and so specific methods are sometimes a necessity that must be practiced.The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects personal privacy, and every citizen's right…show more content…
These items could be clothing, a purse, luggage, a vehicle, their home, their apartment, hotel room, or a business run by the, to name a few examples. The fourth amendment gives many safeguards to the people the Constitution was made for. However, during searches and detentions, the the Constitution is put into effect to prevent unlawfully seized items from being used in court as evidence. There is a certain degree of protection that is available though. Certain cases depend on the nature of the detention or arrest. Even characteristics of where a certain place is searched, and coincidences can make the use of the protection easier or be in the law's favor. So when does the fourth amendment apply? The standards derived from the fourth amendment give protection to the people in these situations: If a person is stopped and questioned by an officer while on a walk. If a person is pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, and the officer uses that as an excuse to search the vehicle

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