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Walt Disney: Creator of the Happiest Place of Earth "You don't build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them." This was Walt Disney’s philosophy that he began with and ended with. It was the reason for his achievements (“Walt Disney Quote.”). By looking at Walt Disney’s background, accomplishments, and other people’s views of him, readers can understand why Walt Disney exists as a positive force because of his creations. Readers can understand the background of Walt Disney when they first look at his childhood. Walt Disney was Born on December 5, 1901 in Hermosa in the section of Chicago Illinois. When Walt was five years old he lived in a big city of Chicago. When he lived in Chicago he lived on a big farm.…show more content…
Walt Disney wanted to join the military at the age of 16. His mom and his dad would not let him because his brothers Raymond And Ray were already in the military. Walt convinced his mom to let him become international Red Cross. Elias (Gitlin 26 & 27). To truly understand Walt Disney, readers should look also at how his family members thought of him; one particular family member who shared his family is Walt Disney’s father Elias Disney. Elias set up a job for Walt Disney in the family called Jelly Business. Elias was stunned because he declined the job his father gave him. He declined it because he wanted to get his art career in KC (Gitlin 26 & 27). At Night Time Walt Disney would sneak out to perform Comical Skits at the local theaters against his father's permission (Ford 33). One of the last ways for readers to truly understand Walt Disney is to see how society views him through their media to him. Walt thought socializing with people that wanted to talk to him wa boring (Disney). “The world of Walt Disney, “asserted a 1983 Esquire Magazine profile, “is etched in the American mind almost as if we were born with it there… No American child born since 1940, indeed hardly any kid anywhere in the world over has escaped Disney’s influences.” This Quote was directed to Walt Disney from a media (“Walt Disney.” UXL

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