Argumentative Essay On Women In Sports

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The role of women in society has long been debated. Women have fought for their suffrage, their right to be in political office, and their right to equality. While this heroic effort taken on by women has been evolving for centuries there is still room for improvement. One of those target areas happens to be within the arena of athletics. Women have finally earned their right to compete, but in no way, shape, or form does this make them equal to men. The public and media perception of women in sports still degrades them to the likes of the feminist pioneers who fought so vigilantly for a women’s right to compete. It’s no secret that women’s athletics has a dedicated following. However, the magnitude of that following is significantly…show more content…
The WNBA is another great example with the exception of the Lisa Leslie generation; hardly anybody consistently keeps up with the WNBA. It struggles to get viewers and the athletes are paid significantly less than men in the NBA. One of the biggest reasons for this lack of fan base is the lack of exposure that female sports receive. With men’s hockey, basketball, baseball, football, golf, lacrosse, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, and soccer, there seemingly is little to no room left in the media for women’s sports coverage. Another problem lies within the fact that if there was room in media coverage for women’s sports there wouldn’t be enough funds to cover it. The media has to play to what the public wants and the public has made it clear that they want to watch men’s…show more content…
In 2014, athletic apparel company, Under Armour, came out with the ‘I Will What I Want’ campaign featuring a variety of female athletes who exhibit strength in a variety of ways. The most prominent ad featured American Ballet Theatre principal dancer, Misty Copeland. Copeland’s appearance in the ad featured an unknown female youth reciting all of the reasons that Copeland had been denied from various ballet programs throughout her childhood. The reasons range from comments about her body, to remarks concerning her ability, and her

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