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The Civil War ended on April 9,1865 and this notion that the Union beat the Confederates and won is almost drilled in a student’s brain when learning about the war. Discernibly speaking, the North accomplished a military victory, as well as, their main priorities that they were fighting for. The triumphant Union won by unifying the country back together, eliminating slavery, and giving slaves the rights they were born with. The Union took authority into their hands with the consequences the South will face, the amendments that needed to be endorsed, and restrictions that had to be obeyed. Plans for a peaceful, complete Reconstruction in 1867 was not a satisfying alternative for the frustrated and destroyed South. Even though discontentment…show more content…
The Union achieved that desire but had to persevere with that desire after the war. The Radical Reconstruction was a progressive step taken by Republicans in pushing the country to unity. The Southern states were required to ratify the 13th,14th, and 15th Amendment in order to rejoin the Union. In March 1867, Congress passed the Reconstruction Act of 1867 (discredited state governments fostered under the presidential Reconstruction) and forced military law on the seceded states. Ten of the eleven states were revamped into five military regions run by Union commanders ( To be eligibly added back into the Union, Southern states had to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment, which widened the meaning of citizenship, giving "equivalent security" of the Constitution to all people. In February 1869, Congress affirmed the Fifteenth Amendment, which ensured that a citizen's entitlement to vote would not be denied “on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” The last Southern states, Texas, Mississippi, and Virginia, anticipating readmission into the Union had to ratify the amendment. After long debates, all Confederate states were back under the same flag by

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